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About SVNP 


The Sudbury Valley Nature Photographers

are an informal group of more than one hundred talented advanced amateur and professional photographers from the western suburbs of Boston, brought together by their passion for capturing the beauty and power of nature through photography.


The group was established in 1995, and regularly exhibits its members' work throughout eastern Massachusetts and on the Internet.


Meetings are held the second Thursday of every month at 7:00 PM in the Great Room in the Main House at Traditions Senior Living Facility in Wayland, Massachusetts.

Next Meeting Thursday, September 10, 7:00 PM


Special Guest Presenter: Neil Tischler


Neil Tischler PhotographyNeil Tischler, a resident of Acton, has been an active photographer from his early teens.   Since his childhood in rural upstate New York, Neil has been fascinated by all things natural.  Now, with the advent of digital photography, he is able to capture winter's frost patterns with all of their amazing intricacy. 


During the spring, summer, and  fall, Neil studies flowers, foliage, birds and insects. Working only with a hand-held camera and natural ambient light, he seizes the moment and photographs subjects close up with a sparkle that makes them glow!


Come early and enjoy snacks and conversation at 6:30 pm. We need volunteers to bring a few nibblies and some beverages. We are expecting a larger crowd for this meeting, so we need help with refreshments, please. If you are able to help, please call Wayne Hall 978-443-9226 or Betsy Moyer at 508-358-2939.


We are in need of some additional prints to hang in our rotating collection at Traditions.  At present, we have five open spots that we would like to fill.  If you aren't currently exhibiting any of your work there, please consider bringing a print or two to our next meeting.  All prints should be framed with a wire for hanging on the back, and should have a business card -sized label in the lower right corner of the frame with the title, your name, contact information, and price (if for sale).

If you currently have some of your work on display, please consider replacing it with something different; we (and the residents) like to keep the exhibit "fresh"!


You can view the club's ongoing exhibit at Traditions prior to the meeting. If you have print(s) for hanging at Traditions (and we would like more) please contact Wayne Hall (978-443-9226) or Betsy Moyer (508-358-2939). Or simply bring them to the meeting. We welcome new additions and replacements for the Traditions exhibit.

August Meeting Review


Member Image Night Theme: Summer Catch


Nine members presented images that spanned the gamut of subject and creativity. Helpful suggestions and exploration of different cropping approaches were shared. 


Wayne Hall announced plans to replace the club website exhibit with images from the Wayland Library exhibit in the fall.


Future Programs


The main topic for the October meeting is still being planned, but Russ Kirby will demonstrate and describe the construction of his home built ring light in a brief technical presentation.


In December, Warren Bailey will demonstrate the use of Adobe Lightroom software, a topic that generated questions at the August meeting.


In January, Susan Majors will present images of Eastern Europe. 


Programs Needed for October - November



Please step forward with program ideas or contributions for the last quarter of the year. We are looking for technical presentations as well as for topical image presentations by members or others in the photographic community. Please contact Wayne Hall with your suggestions.



Our fall group exhibit in the Raytheon Room of the Wayland Library
will take place this year from September 2 through October 29. Twenty-three exhibitors, including some first-timers, will participate and we expect between 35 and 40 images.


Please note Print dropoff instructions - Tuesday, Sept. 1, between 4 and 7 pm.  If you can't do this, please arrange for another exhibitor to bring your prints. We want to get the show completely set up that evening before the library closes, so the earlier in that time window you can bring your photographs in, the better.


A reception will be held Sunday, September 13, 2:30 - 4:30.  (We have the room from 2 to 5.)  Take-down will be Thursday, October 29, 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm.


Exhibit Calendar

Individual Member Exhibits 
SVNP members - please notify
Wayne Hall of your upcoming individual exhibits for posting on the SVNP website.
Date                                     Member                          Exhibit Location

Through 8/31                   Charlie Lowell            Harvey Wheeler Senior Center

                                                                              West Concord, MA


Through 8/31                   Doreen O'Connor        Wellesley Village Church

                                                                             2 Central Street, Wellesley


November 1-30                Murray Drobnis              Wayland Library Foyer


November 1-30                Murray Drobnis              Framingham Public Library


SVNP & Other Group Exhibits
Date                                        Exhibit Information

Sept.2 - Oct. 29               Wayland Library (Raytheon Room)--Wildlife & More 


Open Now!                             Special Website Exhibit          Member Images
                                                                                   "Reflections and Shadows"


Ongoing                                    Traditions                 6 Green Way, Wayland, MA


Other Exhibits In Which SVNP Members are Participating

Through Labor Day            Linda Crews                 Juried Exhibit at Amazing Things

                                                                                 Art Center, 160 Hollis St.



Field Trip September 19-20th Proposed


Carol Walsh proposes the weekend of September 19-20 for a field trip and invites suggestions for an itinerary. Please contact her if you have a suggestion for a location. And be sure to mark your calendars now. More information will come via email before the next newsletter.




Tropical photography during the wet season poses some unique problems with the camera.

Placing a silica gel pouch in the camera bag will help to insure that the inside of the camera does not become moist but does require that the silica gel bag be routinely baked to restore its drying power.

A silica gel pouch has two shortcomings.  If the front surface of the object lens drops below the dew point of the ambient air, condensation will form on that front surface the moment that you take the camera out of its bag whether or not there was a silica gel pouch in the camera bag. The second problem, particularly with nature or travel photography, is that images often present themselves at a moments notice and a camera in its bag isn't very useful.  It has to be always
at the ready.  Nobody has yet come up with a lens warmer that I know of.

Curiously, those with vest pocket cameras didn't seem to suffer.  I ascribe this to two things. The camera was often transported in a pocket and therefore was kept warm and the vest pocket cameras shut themselves down after a short period, thus protecting the lens from the moist air.

In the rainy season the sky is very often overcast and the light is very flat.  The exposures were  surprisingly long considering that this was the tropics.  Auto focus times were thus also sluggish. In addition, many images were only about three stops in contrast range and the auto exposure wasn't quite sure where to place the exposure.  Many of the shots were jungle shots. 
This was not exactly what I had expected in the tropics.

My larger camera did not suffer from internal condensation but then it has both internal focus and internal zoom so it does not pump air in and out but has the drawback of being lengthy when powered off.


Oldtown Photo Calendar Competition 


You are invited to enter the Oldtown Photo Calendar Competition, Sunday, October 18, 2009!  
Thanks to photographer suggestions, we've made a significant change this year to make entry easier for you, and the competition more fun for all. 
This year, submissions will be mounted on foam core.   This was suggested by several photographers, and we're going to give it a try.  This should dramatically cut down on your expense to enter (no need to frame!) and bring the added benefits of consistency of size, and anonymity for voting.  We have arranged for special pricing on mounting with the great folks at The Frame Shop & Gallery in the center of Natick, to make prep easy and inexpensive.
Registration and photographer information forms are available at  
Once again this year, the Oldtown Photo Calendar Competition will be a featured venue of the Natick Open Studios weekend.  
Any questions, please be in touch.  We look forward to seeing you at the show!


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